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For Sale: a 535m² Double Storey Warehouse in Khomasdal.

N$ 2,950,000.00


For Sale: a 535m² Double Storey Warehouse in Khomasdal.

a Double-story warehouse balcony 1 Office. The unit is currently being occupied as an gym. The ground floor includes a reception area, training area, office and a portioned off studio. There are proper ablution facilities, (shower x2 & wc x2) as well as a locker room. The first floor include a training area with ablution facilities (shower x2 & Wc x2) and a balcony.

There is a an industrial lift (working condition unknown) and a industrial rollup door. The unit is fitted with 8 internal and 1 outdoor CCTV camera. All training areas are covered with rubber flooring while all bathroom, locker areas and office are tiled. All training areas has roof fans installed.

All the Units are steel structures enclosed with brickwork, plastered and painted to roof level. Windows are steel with some areas fitted with burglar bars/steel grids, some bathroom windows and entrance doors are alluminium.

Roof covering is fitted onto steel trusses with galvanized iron roof sheets, sisalation, concrete & rhino boards ceilings. Each unit has an fire exit at the back of th unit.

The whole complex is enclosed with a boundary walls with palisade fence, paved parking areas and has 2 access gates.


Joubert @ 081 127 2322
Alison @ 081 127 1584

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