Property Practitioners in Namibia

When it comes to buying, selling or renting property, there is no one better-placed to give guidance than a real estate agent. While some people will try to avoid engaging such services to cut commission costs, the value of estate agents shouldn’t be overlooked in this high-stakes investment.

How an estate agent can add value to your property transaction are as follows:


estate agents are mostly area-based, they have expert insight into the best areas for property, places to avoid, as well as the true value of a property. This will benefit both the buyer and seller.

Contract knowledge

investing in or selling a property requires a lot of paperwork which is not only tedious, but vital as well. There are so many clauses that could be overlooked or misunderstood, which is why an estate agent is a useful property tool.

Streamline your search

estate agents know which properties are on the market and are able to assess your particular requirements and budget so you are viewing suitable properties. Likewise, they do not waste the buyer’s time showing endless people through the property.
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