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 Introduction to – MLS (Multiple Listing Service)

It gives us great pleasure to introduce you to the new and exciting MLS (Multiple Listing Service) marketing portal.

We would love you to get to know us and share in our passion for people & property combining user friendly technology!

With a successful real estate & marketing background that spans 25 years in Namibia, we know how expensive advertising costs are (traditional and e-media) and how time consuming it is to create advertising content and posting to various platforms.  The idea to create an online marketing portal to stream line this process was birthed.

Every board registered estate agent in Namibia can join our advertising portal and post their own listings. You the end user will have full control over your listings.  Our stream lined processes and user- friendly and fully responsive website will help you to expand your business and maximize your brand visibility.

Why you ask?
  • Competitive rates – you want to save money, but still have a quality on-line presence.
  • The website is extremely user friendly and extremely easy to navigate – we know not everyone is tech savvy! We are here to make your life easier!
  • You as the client will have a dedicated link back to your own websites. (don’t have your own website – we can help).

“Links can mean more business

Links are basically relationships between websites owners. Earning a new link mean someone is mentioning you somewhere, and it is a powerful signal someone is talking about you, either in a good or a bad way. Monitoring your relationships with others mean monitoring direct business opportunities: what is more important than business opportunities?”

  • We have simplified the way to share your listings directly on multiple platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp etc.) in the shortest time. Saving time on your admin functions frees you up to –



Pricing Structure

We have setup 2 types of registration packages for a single agent and an agency.


  • Agency set up – N$ 950.00 annual fee (Agency Profile)
  • Agent Portal:
    • Unlimited listings.

    • Featured Listings
      • You can randomly add properties om the FEATURED section of the front page
    • Agents Profile page


    • Agency Profile page – linked back to your own website

We can also offer an Estate Agency the option to develop their own website on the same basis as Realestate-Namibia. IF you have your own site, we can upgrade it. You do not have to spend “1000’s of N$ to have your own site, but we actually encourage you to have IT!!

We are excited to meet you and help you grow your brand! and your business!

Please feel free to contact us on or you can call me @ 081 444 0081 for more information or to set up a coffee meeting.

Herewith our costing for web development

Website only Only (3 pages point to REN)



Once Off
  • Front Page | About Us Page | Contact Us Page
MLS & Website - (3 pages + listings)



Once Off
  • 1. Front Page | About Us Page | Contact Us Page | R/E Listing Setup
Themes setup



Once Off
  • 1. Set up of theme only
  • 2. Front Page | About Us Page | Contact Us Page | R/E Listing Setup
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